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InfoStore (Freeware)

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Welcome to madicon InfoStore!

Every active IT user collects or generates any amount of "information" himself in the course of time. Whether this is text information, graphics, Internet downloads or the like is irrelevant.
The problem is basically "finding" a certain piece of information at a later time (...hmmm, somewhere I had this file stored?).
Here HCL Notes/Domino with its document-oriented database structure (you can store pretty much anything in Notes) offers an ideal starting platform. What is still missing is a suitable application that enables structured storage of your information.
This application exists: madicon InfoStore - your second brain!


  • Complete functionality in a single .NSF file
  • Classification of the created documents through the (adaptive) Categories and Sub Categories fields. This allows easy retrieval of the documents through a categorized view.
  • Assignment of Tags for easier retrieval of documents in the context of a full-text search.
  • Clear display of the saved documents in different views sorted by Category, Category/Modification, Tags, Title, Attachments, Modification, Document Size and Creator. Display of the number and size of the file attachments saved in the documents in the views.
  • Storage of any information accepted by Notes (texts, tables, graphics, embedded objects, file attachments) in the documents.
  • Direct overview of file attachments (summary with number and size sum of files or detailed overview with file name and size) in the open document.
  • Document history with the last 10 modification times and person who made the changes.
  • Creation of a mail with automatic generation of the document link - so other people can be easily informed about new/changed documents.
  • Creation of a mail with complete content from the Title and Content fields.
  • Import of mails from the own or foreign (access ensured) mailboxes.
  • Additional authors, read access restriction and content encryption can be specified per document.
  • Print preview
  • Copy DocLink or Notes-URL to clipboard
  • Manual (Online + PDF)

Hardware required

The use of madicon InfoStore requires hardware that meets the requirements for a Domino server or Notes client specified by HCL.

Software required

madicon InfoStore is designed for use with HCL Notes/Domino version 9 or higher.

The madicon InfoStore application in open design

If you are interested in the application in open design (e.g. to make your own customizations), you can purchase the application madicon InfoStore for only € 99.
You may use the application within your own company, but you may not distribute or sell the application or any portion of the code to any third party. The sole copyright remains with Ingenieurbüro Manfred Dillmann.

!!! Important !!! if you a using madicon InfoStore version < 3

If you have used madicon InfoStore in a version < 3 so far, you must not perform a design update under any circumstances!
The internal structure of the application has changed with version 3 and therefore you have to start with an empty database of version 3 and import the documents from an older version. The exact procedure is described in the manual (see below).


By downloading the software madicon InfoStore you explicitly agree to the terms and conditions regarding copyright and limitation of liability as well as the license of use stated on this website.
madicon InfoStore 3 (English), Database in Notes Version 9.x Format (ODS 52)
Online-Manual (recommended)
Online-Handbuch (empfohlen)

Copyright and limitation of liability

The application madicon InfoStore and the documentation belonging to the program are subject to the sole copyright of the manufacturer.
© Ingenieurbüro Manfred Dillmann. All rights reserved.
Neither the program madicon InfoStore nor the documentation belonging to the program may be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated or transferred to an electronic medium or to a machine-readable form in extracts or as a whole without the prior written permission of Ingenieurbüro Manfred Dillmann.
The present program madicon InfoStore was created with the greatest care. However, the author and publisher are not liable for any errors or omissions, nor for the use of the material covered herein and the decisions made as a result.
No warranty, either direct or indirect, is made as to the use of the software and the contents of the documentation, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. Neither the author of the documentation nor the manufacturer of the software can be held liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of the software or the documentation. The sole risk lies with the user of this software.
Every user accepts these regulations without restrictions when using madicon InfoStore.
All brand or product names mentioned here are trademarks of the respective companies. All rights reserved. madicon® is a registered trademark of Ingenieurbüro Manfred Dillmann.

Version history

Version 3.0

  • Possibility to buy the application in open design
  • New program icon
  • Completely new design of the application
  • Boilerplates (text modules)
  • Creation of a mail with complete content from the "Title" and "Content" fields
  • Import of mails from the own or foreign (access ensured) mailboxes.
  • Configuration page (e.g. default font and size in the Content field)
  • Print preview
  • Copy DocLink or Notes-URL to clipboard
  • Revised manual (online + PDF)

Version 2.0

  • madicon InfoStore is now freeware!
  • New program icon
  • New layout in the form
  • Customization of the views
  • Popup with explanation of the icons displayed in the views on mouse pointer contact
  • Restriction of the document history to the 20 last changes
  • Automatically appearing recycle bin with restore option, provided that "Recoverable deletions" (soft deletions) are enabled in the database properties.
  • No update of the manual. Nothing has changed in the basic use and operation of the application.

Version 1.5

  • New look, changed placement of core information in the form, changed navigation area.
  • Management of keywords (full text search), automatic transfer of categories and keywords when creating new documents
  • Creation of an infomail with automatic generation of document links
  • No more "forced entry" of an additional person required when restricting read access
  • Manual as PDF file with detailed explanation of all functions

Version 1.0

  • First publicly available version