HCL Domino 12 Systemadministration 2 (EN)
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HCL Domino 12 Systemadministration 2 (EN)

Advanced Domino Administration Topics
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ISBN: 979-8424272097
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Are you already familiar with the basics of HCL Domino Administration and would like to delve into more advanced topics? Then this is the right book for you!
  • This is not an introduction to Domino Administration - the contents of my book »HCL Domino 12 System Administration 1« or comparable knowledge is assumed.
  • This book presents selected topics of Domino Administration and implements them in a learning environment. It is not intended to be a replacement for the HCL Notes/Domino software manual - full documentation is provided by HCL itself.
  • Because of its structure and detailed instructions, this book is very well suited as a detailed handout for use in seminars or for self-study.
I would strongly encourage you to follow all the steps presented in your own learning environment. »Learning by doing« is still one of the best ways to get familiar with new topics.
I wish you a great learning success and a lot of fun using the HCL Notes/Domino software!

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