Notes/Domino 10

Administration Update Workshop

New features in Notes and Domino Version 10


IBM and HCL have implemented many innovations and enhancements in the Notes/Domino groupware platform with Version 10.


In this book you will find a detailed description including instructions how to use the new features. This book has been successfully used in trainings several times.



In this workshop the new features and enhancements of Notes/Domino Version 10 will be presented. In addition to providing background information, the new functionalities will also be implemented during the workshop and tested by the participants - as befits a workshop.


Not all new aspects of the new version 10 can be implemented in a course room environment without providing additional services.


Therefore, few new features or enhancements will be addressed in this workshop, but not implemented and tested.



Table of contents

Notes/Domino 10 Administration Update Workshop (English)
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 Range of use / Target audience 

  • Comprehensive and easy to understand help for all people who want to get a detailed overview of the new features and enhancements of Notes/Domino 10.
  • Ideal for use in company training courses, adult education courses, schools, universities or for private customers.

Suitable as a training guide (the book was used by the author himself as an IBM-certified trainer in several training courses) and/or as a reference book.



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