HCL Domino 12 Systemadministration 1

A comprehensive introduction to Domino Administration


This book does not intend to be a replacement for the HCL Notes/Domino software manual - a complete documentation is offered by HCL itself.


Rather, it offers instructions on how to get started with Domino administration and is very well suited as a detailed handout for use in seminars or for self-study.


To ensure a high level of practical relevance, we will install and configure a completely new Notes/Domino environment. After getting the Domino servers and Domino Administrator up and running, we will discuss replication, mail routing, important aspects of Domino security, and probably the most common user and group administration in day-to-day operations.


I know from many beginners that they have already been shown the existing Domino infrastructure by colleagues in their own company, but do not know at all how to get such a Domino server up and running and how to configure it. In this book you will learn all that.


I strongly encourage you to follow all the steps presented in your own learning environment. »Learning by doing« is still one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with new topics.


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HCL Domino 12 Systemadministration 1
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HCL Domino 12 Systemadministration 1
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