Find document again after view/folder change

If you select a document in a view or folder in a Notes application and then switch to another view/folder, the "selection bar" (= the document selected in the newly opened view) is usually on another document there.

What's the problem?

In which takes time to find the previously selected document in the newly opened view. Of course you can do a quick search or a search via the search bar, but that always takes time…

Can it be done better?

Yes. You need to press and hold the following key before clicking on the new view:

  • Windows: Ctrl
  • macOS: Cmd 

Application examples: Mailbox

  • You select a mail in the inbox and want to find it again in the "All documents" view.
  • You select a mail in a folder and want to check in the view "All Documents" whether this mail has been stored in other folders (the view "All Documents" has a column that provides this information).

One click and it's done!


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