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IBM hat Traveler veröffentlicht. Es werden mehrere APAR-Fixes behoben.

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IBM Traveler

IBM Traveler in der aktualisierten Version behebt verschiedene Probleme und kann ab sofort auf Fix Central heruntergeladen werden.


IBM Traveler - Download auf Fix Central


Allgemeine Hinweise

Nachfolgende Punkte sind bei der Nutzung von IBM Traveler Version zu beachten.

IBM Traveler is a maintenance release that provides APAR fixes for the IBM Traveler server. The information below outlines the changes included. Be sure to review the IBM Traveler Product Documentation for additional information.


Note for customers that manage their database schema: IBM Traveler includes a database schema update for MS SQL Server deployments. It is only necessary to run verifyIndexes.sql to update the schema to latest level. Otherwise no action is required unless upgrading from a version prior to If you use auto schema updates (default behavior) there is no action required. See Updating the Enterprise Database for more information.


Note for IBMi environments: Starting with IBM Traveler and later for IBM i systems, Java 1.6 is no longer supported. For more information see Installing IBM Traveler on IBM i Platform.


Informationen zum Download

  • An IBM Traveler upgrade package, which is available on Fix Central, can be used to upgrade any existing IBM Traveler 8.5.3 or later server.
  • An IBM Traveler full installation package, which will be available by March 16, 2018 on Passport Advantage, can be used to upgrade any previous Traveler server or to install a new environment.

Quelle: IBM Traveler Server Release Documentation


Was wurde gefixt?

IBM stellt mit dem Traveler Server Version folgende APAR (Authorized Program Analysis Report) Fixes bereit.

  • LO93281: Modify an encrypted event from mobile device may corrupt event body.
  • LO93380: Support 32 bit Domino 9.0.1 Server.
  • LO93412: One index may cause performance problems on MS SQL Server.
  • LO93440: Incorrect default ACL for R6MemoMap.nsf
  • LO93440: Incorrect default ACL for R6MemoMap.nsf
  • LO93455: Incorrect error code used for network error.
  • LO93466: Set $RFSaveInfo field on Reply/Forward from mobile device.
  • LO93491: Name used for time zone on mobile device does not match value used by Notes Client.
  • LO93522: Improve handling of very small in-line mime images.
  • LO93529: Web Administrator interface may show Verse for iOS device as not supporting data wipe.
  • LO93547: Not authorized message logged during network outage.
  • LO93596: Device may be missing e-mail if user has another device with a smaller filter window.
  • LO93599: Handle unexpected list format in notes.ini file.
  • LO93645: Event may not show on user’s device when user was removed then re-invited to the event.
  • LO93660: Yellow status message displayed for Replicas table missing a Primary Key.
  • LO93663: Mail in sent folder may be missing content when configured to save with no attachments.
  • LO93706: Add NTS_JAVA_PARMS_EXT notes.ini parameter to allow for values larger than 256 characters.
  • LO93709: Attachment with DBCS characters in the file name may not display on mobile device.
  • LO93720: Update APNS Certificates, new expiration data March 30,2019.

Quelle: IBM Traveler Fixes by Release



IBM Traveler kann in der aktualisierten Version auf Fix Central heruntergeladen werden.


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