NOTES.INI Parameter UseBasicNotes=1

Ab Version 8.0.2 versteht der Notes Client den NOTES.INI Parameter UseBasicNotes=1, wodurch bei einer Standard (Eclipse) Installation der „Basic Client“ gestartet wird.

Natürlich kann das auch durch die Parameter -sa bzw. -basic beim Aufruf der notes.exe erfolgen, aber dies funktioniert nicht, wenn der Notes-Client von „aussen“ (z.B. beim Klick auf einen mailto: – Link) gestartet wird.

A new feature has been added to Notes 8.0.2 that allows customers to install the 8.0.2 Notes Standard client, but launch the Basic client based on a Notes.ini parameter UseBasicNotes=1. This notes.ini parameter will allow external programs that launch notes, such as a MailTo: URL, or launching an NSF file directly, to launch notes in Basic mode if UseBasicNotes=1 is set in the Notes.ini. This will allow customers to rollout a single package, but define which users will launch Basic vs Standard via this notes.ini parameter. For example, if a machine does not meet the hardware requirements of 8.0.2 Standard, but does for Basic, this will allow the client to launch in Basic mode until hardware has been upgraded, By default, this parameter is not in the notes.ini and will launch the Standard client if it is omitted or set to 0. Notes.ini parameters can be pushed out via administrative policy, which make it easier for customers to centrally control this feature.

via Ed Brill

Notes/Domino Version: ab 8.0.2