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As every Administrator knows, Domino maintains a ‚replication history‚ for databases to save some time during the replication process. From the administration help database:

Domino uses the replication history to determine which documents to scan for changes during the next replication. For example, if a database successfully replicated with the HR-E/East/Acme server 24 hours ago, Domino replicates only those documents that were added, modified, or deleted in the replica on HR-E/East/Acme within the last 24 hours.

You can display the replication history by choosing ‚File‚ -> ‚Replication‚ -> ‚History‚ from the menu. Looks like this:


With Manager access to the database, you can clear the replication history if you think the database doesn’t contain all the documents it should, or if there were problems with the date/time settings of the OS or the Domino server itself (e.g. last replication history timestamp is far in the future).

For a single NSF, you can clear the replication history right in this dialog – but if there are a lot of databases affected, this will be a time consuming job.

Starting from ND6, the Administration Client provides a (little hidden) feature to clear the replication history for any number of databases with a single click.

In the Administration Client, choose:

Files tab, select the NSF’s

-> Database Tools

-> Replication…


In the following dialog, check the option ‚Clear replication history‘ and hit the ‚OK‘ button. That’s all.


Notes/Domino Version: ab 6.x

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