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Als Alternative zur im Tipp ‚Datenbanksymbole umziehen lassen‘ vorgestellten Lösung mittels Formel-Sprache kann auch das von IBM zur Verfügung gestellte Tool DSKTOOL.EXE verwendet werden. Ab sofort existiert auch eine Version für ND6.x.

R4 DSKTOOL.EXE Utility, 155530 Bytes
R5 DSKTOOL.EXE Utility, 151684 Bytes
ND6 DSKTOOL.EXE Utility, 93900 Bytes

Hinweise zur Nutzung (auch als .TXT-Datei im Download enthalten)

Download the correct version of dsktool.exe for the versionof Lotus Notes you are using.

dsktool -Options

The script file should have one or more lines with the following formats:

Rename , .
Rename ,
Delete .

For example:

Rename OldServer NewServer
Rename Server/OldOrganization Server/NewOrganization
Delete DeletedServer

Note: The server names can be specified as Server/Org.
– If a server has hierarchy, it must be specified.
– If a server name has any embedded spaces, a comma MUST be used to separate the old name and new name.

-Q (Q)uiet mode. Suppresses all messages.
-V (V)erbose. Shows files that were not changed as well.
-D Do not allow shut(D)own of the client.
-R Do not allow (R)estart of the client.
-? (H)elp. Display this.

Additional Notes:
If a server does not have a space, the old format will still work.
If a server name has a space, it should be followed by a comma.

i.e. All of the following are valid lines

Rename ServerOld ServerNew
Rename ServerOld with a space, ServerNew with a space new
Rename ServerOld with a space,ServerNew with a space new

– the file supports both native character sets and LMBCS

This can be run manually, or via a POST_OPEN db event using LotusScript and creating a scriptfilename to feed to the tool.

There are two known issues running the 6.x verion:

  • When deleting servers, you might receive a message „Modify location failed for Note xxxx because document has invalid structure“.
    This above message can be ignored.
  • Renaming works fine for bookmarks and workspace icons. However, deleting a server does not remove existing bookmarks but does remove the workspace icon.

This tools was designed for icon manipulation. Since bookmarks are a database and not a workspace icon, deleting the last server will not remove the entire bookmark entry.

Notes/Domino Version: ab 4.x

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