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Diese Information liefert der Agent-Manager selbst durch folgende Anweisungen an der Server-Konsole.

Tell Amgr Pause
Pauses scheduling of agents.

Tell Amgr Resume
Resumes scheduling of agents.

Tell Amgr Schedule
Shows the schedule for all agents scheduled to run for the current day. In addition, the command shows the agent trigger type, the time the agent is scheduled to run, the name of the agent, and the name of the database on which the database runs. Checking the Agent Manager schedule lets you see if an agent is waiting in one of the Agent Manager queues.

Agent Manger queues:
E – Agents eligible to run
S – Agents scheduled to run
V – Event-triggered agents waiting for their events to occur
Trigger types:
S – Agent is scheduled to run
M – Agent is a new mail-triggered agent
U – Agent is a new/updated document-triggered agent

Tell Amgr Status
This command shows a snapshot of the Agent Manager queues and displays the Agent Manager settings in the Server document.

Tell Amgr Quit
Stops the Agent Manager on a server.

Notes/Domino Version: 5.x

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